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Fremantle Coffee Roasters

Project Overview

Sixteen By Nine was engaged by client Fremantle Coffee Roasters to re-brand their logo and create packaging for a new coffee pod range.

Subtle adjustments have been made to lettering creating a unique and bespoke typographical brand Mark. Slight tailoring of the letters creates a unified synergy. The letter A has been crafted to make the overall typography stronger while tying in with the character of Fremantle.

Fremantle is renowned for its architectural heritage and it is this, that creates it unique character and appeal. The arch is incorporated on many well known buildings from colonial gold rush, and is used as a metaphor “to explore” and “discover”, two traits that work well with coffee.

• Arch in the Fremantle Prison gatehouse.

• Arch at the entrance to main Fremantle Markets pavilion.

• Arch of the whaling tunnel under the Roundhouse.

• Arch a representation of bridge and main harbour.


Brand Development, Logo Design


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