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Western Australia Police Force

Project Overview

On behalf of  the Western Australia Police Force Community Engagement Division we developed a series of animated videos that could be used for presentations and online with a focus on CALD communities.

This saw the animation translated into  in a number of specified languages being Mandarin, Arabic, Swahili and Vietnamese. 

The series focused on  a range of policing issues:

1)Make The Right Call – the correct phone number to use when contacting police.

2). Motor Vehicle Theft – tips and advise to reduce the risk of being a victim of motor vehicle theft.

3). Personal Safety – five golden rules to follow when out at night for your own personal safety.

4). Burglary Prevention – how to reduce the risk of your house being burgled.

5). Life Choices – making the right choices in life to avoid having a criminal record and the consequences a criminal record can have on things like employment, overseas travel, etc.


Storyboard and Script Writing
Offline illustrations
Animation, graphics
Audio Post Production
Voice Over and Translation Services


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